Tracks - The Train Set Game Out Now!

The ultra-nostalgic Tracks - The Train Set Game is out now!

We have today released an Early Access launch trailer to celebrate the occasion. Check out the game from the life of a business commuter, and set your sights on more gameplay below:

If you're yet to hear about Tracks, I'm sure that the above video gave you a good overview of the game. You can play in free play mode, and create elaborate tracks to your heart's content. Another game mode available at launch is a passenger mode. You'll be tasked with picking passengers up and transporting them to stations. As you progress, different types of passengers, stations and more will be introduced - as well as a time limit.

The passenger mode offers a bit more challenge and direction, while the free play mode will give you all the space you need to unleash your full creativity.

We'll be updating the game regularly with new game modes, features, mechanics, cosmetic options and much more, so make sure to follow Tracks on Twitter and Facebook!

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