Tracks | Multiple Train Update

Hello everybody!

The content in this update has been many months in the making and I'm so happy to be able to finally release it all. Multiple new features, new ways to play, new objects, and new languages! Plus of course the usual batch of fixes and polishing.

:HealUp: Trains are available in the Toy Box

You can now place a second, third, fourth.. as many trains as you like!

Once a second train has been placed, pressing T will open the new train menu.

Here you have access to options such as choosing which train to drive, adding carriages, customisation and starting points. This menu will eventually replace the carriages and start point objects in the toy box, though they are still there at the moment and will still only apply to the starting train. When you have only one train, holding T will now open the train menu instead of resetting the train. 

This is a big milestone and a lot of different parts of the game have been tweaked and reworked to allow for more than one train. Many interactive objects have been temporarily moved to the experimental category due to big changes made so they would work with multiple trains. There is still a lot of work to be done on them so please report any issues in the forums!

:HealUp: Junction switch

Junction pieces can now be clicked when in build mode to automatically guide a train down that path. This is very useful with multiple trains since you no longer need to be driving a train to make it turn!

:HealUp: Tracks has been translated to:

  • German
  • Russian
  • Chinese (Simplified)

This is a first round of translations and my first time ever doing it as a developer so please excuse any mistakes you find! Reports in the forum of any issues/problems are greatly appreciated.
More languages are coming soon!

:HealUp: Carriages now match the style of the train they're attached to
Gingerbread carriages coming soon

New Objects

:romopolis_house: Train Shed
:romopolis_house: Wind Turbine
:romopolis_house: Crane
:romopolis_house: Sailboat

:romopolis_house: Scooter
:romopolis_house: Yellow Taxi
:romopolis_house: Bus
:romopolis_house: School Bus


:fix: Replaced/improved the Example save files
:fix: Fixed the train sometimes falling through track (often after using a Starting Point)
:fix: Holding T now opens the train menu instead of resetting the train
:fix: Music notes can no longer be deleted while they're playing
:fix: Improved the performance and responsiveness of sockets
:fix: Fixed some vehicle's lights being misaligned when loaded/respawned with undo
:fix: Fixed issues using tunnels with the gingerbread train
:fix: Improved carriage textures
:fix: Improved carriage collision checking
:fix: Fixed getting a Down suggested track when already on the floor in Modern Apartment
:fix: Fixed being able to click items behind a Passenger-mode object restriction pop-up
:fix: Fixed Camping tents clipping into certain surfaces
:fix: Fixed certain objects clipping into the bed in Bedroom
:fix: Changed the F1-F5 debug keys so they're less likely to be accidentally pressed

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