Today, we're looking at some of Flashing Lights' EMS gameplay mechanics. We've teamed up with YouTuber First Thirty Minutes to exclusively debut this gamelay demo - take a look below: Let us know what you think of the mechanics, and we'll see you for a firefighting-related video update very soon!
Today we wanted to share something new with you - something that delves a little deeper into the game's mechanics for one of our playable departments: police. This is of course alpha gameplay, meaning that the game will be more polished and assets will have been reworked by the time Flashing Lights releases. BUT we did want to give you a peek into some of the gameplay mechanics you can expect from the game!
Welcome to Flashing Lights, an online multiplayer-focused emergency services simulator! Excalibur Games has partnered up with the fresh talent that is developer Nils Jakrins, to publish Flashing Lights in Early Access towards the start of 2018. You'll be able to enlist with one of three emergency services - police, fire and EMS - which are all fully simulated with their own missions and mechanics. Best of all, you'll be able to team up with your friends online, and split yourself...