PS4 - Song of Horror - Deluxe Edition




Song of Horror - Deluxe Edition

The famed writer Sebastian P. Husher has gone missing, along with his entire family. Worried, his editor sent an assistant to his house to investigate - but he never came back. These disappearances spark a set of events that soon reveal something dreadful: a dark entity known only as The Presence seems to be responsible.

    • Unstoppable entity is controlled by advanced AI that adapts to the player's decisions and actions
    • Truly dynamic terror experience as you are hunted and tension builds
    • 13 playable characters each with their own characteristics to add shape to the story
    • Scary places to explore from a mysterious antique shop or a forgotten abbey to an abandoned mental
    • hospital – each location is inspired by classic games of this genre
    • Explore and investigate these haunted places to gather clues and items that will help you solve challenging puzzles while enduring the agonizing tension of the game’s atmosphere

Song of Horror Deluxe Edition PS4 Includes:
Special Packaging
Maps Guide
Character Manual